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Introductions Of Commonly Antioxidant


There are many kinds of rubber antioxidant, different role. Its main purpose is to inhibit the aging of rubber, prolong the service life of rubber products, more and more used in the tire industry, rubber products and other industries

Antioxidant D: Antioxidant D is universal antioxidant ,widely use for natural rubber, synthetic rubber. It has a good protective effect on heat, oxygen, bending cracking and general aging factors.

Antioxidant RD and antioxidant 124: The antioxidant RD and the antioxidant 124 are composed of the same chemical ingredient except that the antioxidant RD is resinous and the antioxidant 124 is in the form of powder and the antioxidant RD is amber to off-white resin Powder, non-toxic. Softening point of not less than 74 ℃. The antioxidant 124 was an off-white powder with a melting point of 114 ° C. Antioxidant RD and antioxidant 124 soluble in acetone, benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide; slightly soluble in petroleum hydrocarbons, do not dissolve in water. Contaminated but not significant. Difficult to spray frost, no effect on the vulcanization. Combustible, non-toxic. Applicable to natural rubber and styrene butadiene, such as synthetic rubber eyesight, the amount is generally 0.5 to 3 copies.

Due to the role of each of the protective effects of antioxidants are limited, and the actual use of rubber products in the aging is affected by a variety of factors,Therefore, in the choice of anti-aging agent must be clear the use of anti-aging agents and formulations.

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