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Application Of Polyacrylamide In Oil Exploitation


Application of polyacrylamide in oil exploitation

Polyacrylamide(PAM) can widely use in more area,such as papermaking dispersant,incense making ,oil industry etc..Here we will make a introduction about pam using in oil industry.

In oil extraction, polyacrylamide can be used as thickening agent, stabilizer and settling flocculant in drilling mud; adding polyacrylamide in tertiary oil recovery can increase oil displacement and enhance oil recovery; Fracturing fluid additives, retarder, water and oil ratio control agent, temporary plugging agent.

The follows are attentions of polyacrylamide in the applications:

1. granular polyacrylamide flocculant can not be directly added to the sewage. Before use it must be dissolved in water, with its aqueous solution to deal with sewage.

2. dissolved granular polyacrylamide water should be clean (such as tap water), can not be sewage. Normal temperature water can, generally do not need heating. Water temperature below 5 ℃ when dissolved very slowly. Water temperature increased dissolution speed, but more than 40 ℃ will accelerate the degradation of polymers, affecting the results. General tap water is suitable for formulating polymer solutions. Strong acid, alkali, high salt water are not suitable for the preparation. In this case,

3. the choice of polymer solution concentration, the US source of 0.1% -0.3%, that is, 1 liter of water plus 1g-3g polyacrylamide powder.

Polyacrylamide concentration to consider the following factors:

A. Preparation of small pots of daily dosage, it is recommended with a little thicker (such as 0.3%). When the molecular weight of the polymer is high, it is recommended to use a slightly thinner (eg 0.1%). In this case,

B. Polyacrylamide solution into the sewage, such as due to equipment scattered state is not very good, the proposed distribution of a little thinner. In short, the polymer concentration is too large, will cause the stirrer motor load is too large, will result in poor state of dispersion into the sewage, affecting the results. With a thin some help to improve the use of results. In this case,

4. dubbed the solution do not use centrifugal pump transfer, so as not to cause high-speed rotation of the blade polyacrylamide polymer shear degradation. Preparation of the specific methods are as follows: in the solvent (such as the laboratory beaker, factory preparation tank) by adding a certain amount of water, according to the amount of water and concentration calculation of the amount of powder polymer, weighed polyacrylamide polymer.

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